Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October 15

Hello!! Oh Happy Monday. Ok I know everyone is thinking it so I'm just going to say it- ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT! Holy cow. I can't believe it. See I feel like I can say that and not be trunky because it still feels so surreal. :) Things here in London have been so wonderful. Thank you for all of the prayers about my knees... I very much look forward to seeing the doctor when I get home. ha ha I just think of how much worse it could be if I didn't have so many prayers going up on their little behalf but don't worry they are truly enduring to the end. I'm just so grateful I can still work! Sister Anena was doing a lot better and then she got the flu this last week! :( Slowly but surely her body is getting used to London. Keep praying for her as well. 

I am so grateful for the miracles we have been able to see this last week. We taught Marie again and she wasn't able to come to conference but said she watched it and LOVED it- she wrote us and asked us if we could meet more often so we could teach her. :) We would love to Marie. OH! Did I tell you? Becky Rochey got baptised!! The girl we were teaching in Bracknell that couldn't be baptised because she wasn't 18? Well happy birthday to Becky, she got baptised! I was so excited. Unfortunately we weren't able to go but I talked to her before and after and it was just so sweet. She is so incredibly happy!

Did I tell you about Teresa that we met 2 weeks ago? We were looking for the AUFs (address unknown files) and knocked the doors around that house and one Nigerian lady answered and she was so sweet, she invited us in right away and offered us dinner, tea, coffee, apples, water, ANYTHING she had in her house ha ha and then we were able to teach her the restoration. She loved it! We went and saw her again this week and will continue to go visit and teach her. Let me tell you that is only the second time that has happened to me on my mission- Sister Anena was LOVING it!!

ps I got this message from Dave today- remember the guy from the airplane? :

Hi Janna - how are you? All good here! Actually on business in Dresden Germany and going to church today. So excited since first time going to church in another country!

:) Oh the joy! I am so grateful this gospel is TRUE no matter where we go. That brings me so much comfort and peace. 

Well today I realised I have never even sent pictures of our lovely little London flat.. so here it is everyone. I love you love you all. 

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